electronic Phenotypes & Omics on Diet

a personal advisor for health and wellbeing improvement based on personal information and nutrigenomic data

One Platform.
Multiple Applications.

advanced assistant for professional, research and personal purposes

Data Collection

Systematic collection if individuals data from different domains: nutritional, clinical, lifestyle, genetic and environment profiles.

Data Analysis

Tracking of micro / macro nutrients intake and further integration and analysis of collected data through scientifically validated algorithms.

Advices and Reccomendations

Promoting dietary and lifestyle habits aimed at improving / maintain a good life quality.

Web Platform

designed to address needs of different professional areas

Available Tools

Validated tools available within the ePhood platform

  • Data
  • CRF for the clinical, nutritional and lifestyle habits data collection, specific of the patient
  • Anagraphic Data
  • Clinical Information
  • Lifestyle Behaviours
  • Nutritional Habits
  • Daily Diet Collection
    with 6 meals
  • Food
  • Scientifically validated food and portion database with micro and macronutrients
  • 1570 records
  • 870 Foods
  • Food nutrients
  • Mediterranean diet
  • Adaptable to any geographic or cultural habits

  • Nutritional
  • Any portion is defined by a specific micro / macro nutrients profile
  • 40 Bromatological Parameters
  • Micro and macro nutrients
  • Automatic computaion per portion
  • Scientifically validated food composition
  • Tracking and correlation for genetic risk analysis
  • Data
  • Personalized data export for business or research purposes
  • Full patients DB
  • Diet details for selected group
  • Nutrients profile for individuals or groups
  • Smart and advanced filters
  • Export provided in standard formats

Mobile Application
for Patients

Professional support tool to add dietary information without the need of a direct interaction with the professionist / researcher

More About the Project

ePhood is an innovative, comprehensive and versatile platform of sharing knowledge in nutraceutics and nutragenomics.
The platform (Web & App) is able to collect individual nutritional data and dietary micro / macro nutrients and correlates them to clinical, lifestyle and genetic profiles to obtain general and personalized reccomendations for individuals and groups.

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